Neurodriver, aka Dom Smart, is a UK-based producer, sound designer and DJ; with a career spanning over 12 years on the international dance music scene, and a long string of releases to his name.

His genre-defying music blends influences from techno, house and psychedelia into a futuristic hybrid of hypnotic sound, expertly crafted for full-range sound systems. Being a classically-trained musician and an expert sound designer, his music possesses an emotional diversity ranging from twisted machine rhythms to moments of sublime beauty. With a new album and a string of releases lined up for 2017, Dom continues to push his sound into new territory.

Dom’s musical career began in 2004, when he formed the now-infamous “Far Too Loud” with his friend Oli Cash. Together, the duo pioneered the sound of psychedelic breakbeat, to international acclaim. In 2009, with the pair headed in different musical directions, Dom split from FTL to launch a solo project, and Neurodriver was born. Encompassing fresh influences from techno, progressive house, psychedelia and beyond, he set out to craft a new musical hybrid.

At the same time, he launched his label Broken Robot to help promote the fresh sounds originating from the UK underground at the time; a label which helped launch the careers of artists such as Hedflux and Bad Tango.

After a string of single, EP and remix releases, 2017 sees Dom complete his first full artist album. “Living in the Future” is set for release on the 30th June 2017, and (a Neurodriver first) will be available via Bandcamp for an optional donation.